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Heavy chrome floor stand with thick black rope and hooks.

| Pets | January 31, 2017

Vernon. I want $30. If interested phone or text me at 250-540-6987.

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Mother’s Day

| Pets | January 4, 2017

Mother’s Day! Telus loves it-Hallmark basks in the boost, the flower stores flourish, and the restaurants stress out. It’s a big one. And yeah, it gets me, too, in a marshmallow-y kinda way.

For me it’s that five a.m. wake up call for an over the top jelly sandwich served on burnt toast in bed without a napkin.

I love it! Every crumb- I love her.

Here’s my tribute then, that I wrote for all you moms out there… you’ve have been through this phase, are living it, or soon will be.!

Rise n’ Shine-It’s Mother’s Day! 

Hey Mommy! It’s Mother’ Day, that Hallmark Day.
Its five a.m. already, let’s get it underway!
Here’s what we’ll do, Mom. We will watch cartoons.
We will watch cartoons, and we’ll blow up balloons.

C’mon Sleepyhead, it’s time for breakfast in bed!
That smell of smoke, Mommy? Don’t worry, don’t fret.
It’s just burnt toast-I’ll get it right yet.

And when the sun gets high up in the sky,
We’ll go to the park – my favorite one.
Come on Mommy- it will be lots of fun!
Let’s swing on the swings, the teeters and totters.
We can slide down the slide (even though mommies ought naught’r)

It’s all about you Mommy, so let’s not forget it.
We will go to Toys-R- Us, I’ll take the credit!
Then we can hit McDonald’s-I’ll make a big fuss.
So why are you pale Mommy? Please tell us?

We can go to the Zoo and Science World too.
This is your day, Mommy, it’s your special day.
So let’s hit the sandbox- c’mon, Mom, let’s play!
We will feed the birds and ride the train.
So Mommy, oh, Mommy, why the disdain?

As we watch the sun set, we can play in the sprinkler.
We can have a pillow fight, right after dinner!
Mommy, I love you, you are my best friend.
Don’t you just wish this day would never end?

-30-    ………………………………………..

1-866-637-5141 or 1-866-829-9457
Free ad line: 1-866-829-9457 (personal items valued at under $1000)
Paid ad line: 1-866-637-5141

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Makin’ Memories at D-BAR-K Ranch

| Pets | September 4, 2013


Pssssssst………I love blowing a secret like this!
There is a ranch, a lovely little ranch, tucked away between the downtown core of Oliver and the river that is well worth checkin’ out. D-BAR-K Ranch is the place to be if you love horses. Ken MacRae and Dawn Muller have turned their passion for horses & people into a viable place for everyone to come and learn, train, board, and well, have a lot of fun.

I had the honour of attending the “Spring Tune Up” clinic last weekend, and came away feeling darn good. Not only is Ken a knowledgeable and good hand, he is a kind and patient teacher. (Even with me!)

The clinic was diverse, interesting, a lot of laughs, easy going and a ton of fun! And yes-I came away knowing some great new things to work on with my mare. I learned. She learned. We learned. And besides the fundamentals of the clinic, we wound up doing all kinds of nifty stuff that I had not in any way anticipated. I was prepared for the Potluck dinner, but the impromptu pancake breakfast? Prizes? A swim in the river? A round up? Ahhhhh….the list goes on. Expect the unexpected! Ken & Dawn are people friendly people- welcoming and warm.

Ken will be holding a lot of clinics this year and is diverse in his levels of skilled teaching. No matter what experience you have, you have a spot. Just give Dawn a call & find out which clinic might suit your needs. They are very reasonably priced, lots of fun and well worth it. Your pony will love you- this is the year to go for it!

D-Bar-K Ranch – More than just a boarding facility
Clinics. Events. Sales. Stallion services. Outdoor arena .2 round pens. Bedded shelters. Quality care & feed. On hand trainer and Clinician Ken MacRae. Fun . Good times. Memories. Go for it.

34021 91ST , OLIVER.


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